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  • Why wouldn't I just hire an off-duty police officer for the job?
    Although the Police Department is a viable resource, when you talk to a JKearney Consultant, you will find that trained Security specialists will not only provide you with a deterring presence for unwanted activity, but are more cost efficient as well.
  • What’s the purpose of having Security Officers without a uniform?
    Depending on your needs and the environment of your property, a “plain clothes” Security professional can be more approachable and will mainly act in a Customer Service capacity or a low profile asset to your operation.
  • What good is a Security Officer if they are unarmed?
    Unarmed personnel are typically best suited for what we call “hard target” locations. These areas typically have a surveillance systems and or Security checkpoints in place, and with existing preventive measures, our unarmed Officers will be utilized to operate these checkpoints or provide a mobile patrol to work in tandem with your operation.
  • Do Security Guards receive any special training?
    With a Security Guard Clearance card, our Agencies have certified Guards whom attend a Security training class lead by a certified instructor covering various teachings from Active Shooting and Bomb threats to Access control and Vehicle Inspections.
  • How can I stay updated on what’s going on at the site/property if I’m not there?
    Our Agencies can provide you with as much or as little information as you require. One method of communication regarding on-site activity is providing our clients with direct access to their report writing systems, allowing you to not only monitor incidents but record maintenance requests and visitors access to your property. You can even tailor how often you receive said reports to be on a daily or weekly basis, providing you with a copy of each report sent directly to you via email.
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