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School Shootings Are on The Rise (Here's What You Should Know)

Now more than ever in history, schools and your children are at risk of being involved in a deadly school shooting. In fact, Numbers have risen by 2,067 shootings between 1970 and 2021. At this point in time in history, every state has had a school shooting. School shootings contribute to the fact that guns are currently the leading cause of death for children and adolescents in the United States.

Maryland reports 47 School Shootings

Maryland holds the 9th highest school shooting count.

Virginia reports 25 School Shootings

Virginia holds the 18th highest school shooting count.

How to Protect Our Children Against School Shootings

Gun safety, mental health, and increased awareness are all great ways to help prevent school shootings. However, when a school shooting is happening, responders need to act quickly and that's because every second counts. Having on-campus security is one of the most beneficial ways a school can protect it's students. For example, During Maryland's Great Mills High School Shooting in 2018 an on-campus security officer named Blaine Gaskill responded to the scene in less than a minute, firing a round at the active shooter and potentially limiting the number of deaths during the Maryland school shooting.

If you are searching for a way to better protect your school campus from active shooters, JKearney Consulting offers resources and strategic analysis that could help save the lives of those who need protection most.

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