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JKearney Consulting

JKearney Consulting Services was founded by Jordan Kearney in 2018, with a single mission: "To be the most successful, creative, and ground-breaking security consulting agency in the DMV."

We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop security partnerships starting in MD, DC and Virginia. 

JKearney Consulting Services is proud to serve the Baltimore MD area and beyond. We have the scope necessary to provide the solutions you need and the support to make your goals a reality. We look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving existing and future challenges. Reach out if you’d like to join our list of satisfied clients.

About Mr. Kearney 


Mr. Kearney has improved his skillset with knowledge gained from working side by side with Police Officers, K-9 Handlers, and Former Military Personnel. In August of 2019, he met a Former Navy Seal and Federal Agent, who decided to take him under his wing and not only teach him about the ins and outs of security management and consulting but also demonstrated the traits of a true leader. After a 4 year long partnership, Mr.Kearney assisted in the growth of an amazing and successful security company, serving many high-profile clients and cities. After years in the security industry, working both for and with multiple agencies, Jordan felt it was time to utilize all his knowledge and expertise to connect with individuals who need services, but may not have any knowledge in the industry, thus, JKearney Consulting Services was born! As he builds his brand, Mr. Kearney, continues to be purpose-driven, motivated by the passion to serve and the encouragement of his loved ones, to secure the success of JKEARNEY CONSULTING SERVICES LLC.

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