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Security Services that suit your needs.


Armed Officers

If you want to raise the Security level of your business or facility, work with a trusted Armed Security company near you: . You want Armed Security services that are able to respond to emergencies at the drop of a hat. Often times, finding the right Armed Security services for your business can be a challenge, one that can prove to be tedious. Reach out to us today to receive the best qualified team 


Unarmed Officers

Our Unarmed Security Officers are ideal for areas where a strong visual deterrent or patrol is needed to detect, deter and report crimes. All of our Security Agencies meet our SEC Training requirements, receive specific post orders and are trained for the specific site they are assigned to work. They provide an omni presence through patrols on foot, bicycle, or vehicle and respond to all alarms and incidents. Officers remain in constant communication with their on-duty Supervisor, ensuring that all incidents are properly documented and addressed, ensuring consistent communication, delivery of services and immediate response, should an emergency arise.

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K9 Units

A K9 Officer is a Law Enforcement Officer or "LEO," who handles and uses the skills of Police dogs to assist in the execution of more sensitive duties where stealth, agility and hyper-senses are needed  Our Team  Of K9 Officers are ready at your call.

There are many situations that our K-9's are ready to be deployed for .

  • Search and Rescue 

  • Bomb Detection 

  • Narcotics Division 

  • Personal Protection 

  • Suspect Apprehension

Remote Surv

Remote Surveillance

Our end-to-end security system is the only tool you need to monitor your units, compile surveillance analytics, and convert them into actionable security data that can help you save time, identify weak points in your perimeter, and protect your assets more effectively.


Executive Protection

Executive Protection (EP), also known as Close Protection (CP), refers to the Private Security and risk mitigation measures taken to maintain the safety of individuals (Principles) and their families, who may be exposed to elevated personal risk due to their employment, status, net worth, affiliations, or geographical location.


Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrols provide the highest visibility of our Security teams. Combined with an omni-presence, our Mobile Patrol Units can respond quickly to any threat detections, assist with traffic control and upon request, may utilize patrol lights and flashers to illuminate any areas that may be easy breach points to your property.


The goal of our full-service protection is to respond to incidents and prevent as much disruption to your guests, residents, personnel and property as possible.  Frequent visits during the day and night can be a deterrent to thieves and vandals.

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In-depth Security Analysis

One of our knowledgeable consultants will spend time with you either physically at the location of service or remotely, to analyze your operation and make suggestions based on their observations. Our team utilizes experience gained from working in the field of Security as well as Operations Management and Loss Prevention.Concluding our analysis, we will have a plan in place to ensure or strengthen the security of your property and assets, utilizing our resources and partners!  

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